A top police officer of Madhya Pradesh on Tuesday said Ajmal Kasab, lone surviving Pakistani gunman of the November 2008 Mumbai terror attacks, was a good role model for training with passion.

Addressing a training camp, Rajendra Kumar, Inspector General of Police (Special Armed Force), said: “if you are trained well, you can do anything. An example is Pakistani terrorist Ajmal Kasab. He just studied up to Class 8 and had training for just one year. With this, he could operate weapons, gadgets and GPS devices. He could do this because he had passion and trained very well. He could operate technology well because he trained himself well,” he said.

“He [Kasab] had the zeal in him. Can’t we have the same like his? We are more educated than him; we are more able than him. Learn from Kasab how to handle weapons,” he stated.

Later, Mr. Kumar, said: “If somebody feels bad, I really say sorry for that. But the thing is that I have cited other people like Sachin Tendulkar too while underlining the need for excellence.”

‘Not praising Kasab’

Denying that he praised Kasab, he said: “I am not praising Kasab. I strongly condemn him. He should be given the maximum punishment. My only aim was to motivate jawans in the area of shooting so that they can give a befitting reply to terrorists. My point was that we should take better training, because ultimately we have to face this type of terrorist situation [26/11] in future. Unless we are very well trained, we cannot deal with them.”

The IG said besides Kasab he had given the example of cricketer Sachin Tendulkar for motivating the participants. Even Ram and Ravana are often quoted in the country, he added.