The child died 10 days ago; family awaits the Captain’s release to perform last rites

Thursday was an emotional day for the family of Captain Sunil James, who has been incarcerated in Togo since July. It was the first birthday of his son Vivaan who died 10 days ago, and for whose last rites the family is hoping Mr. James will be freed.

“Vivaan’s birthday is a very emotional time for us. His mother had made many plans for his birthday but instead she will be going to an orphanage to make a donation in his name,” said Rakesh Madappa, brother-in-law of Mr. James.

Although the court hearings in Togo on whether Mr. James will be released for the cremation have concluded, there is no word yet from there. “The prosecution has to sign off on the hearing. That is yet to take place from what we have heard,” said Mr. Madappa. “The PMO has said it is doing everything it can.”

On December 2, 11-month-old Vivaan died after he developed gangrene in the intestine.