Veteran crusader Anna Hazare praised the Aam Aadmi Party led by his one-time protege Arvind Kejriwal, and said the members were “social workers, not political workers.” The endorsement came on a day when the AAP was seeking a vote of confidence in the Delhi Assembly.

The impact of the AAP’s style of governance is being felt in other parts of the country too, he said. “It is because of them that politicians are thinking differently. The Maharashtra government is also thinking of subsidising power.”

Warning the Congress against withdrawing support, Mr. Hazare said, “If the Congress withdraws support, it will send a wrong message to the country. People will teach them a lesson in the Lok Sabha elections.”

The anti-graft activist said he would resume his fight, this time by travelling across the country to raise awareness about rights. “We will demand a Right to Reject and a Right to Recall parliamentarians if they are not performing well.” His new set of demands will also include the provision for citizen’s Parliament.