The Election Commission has issued notices to the Trinamool Congress and the chairmen of the United Bank of India and the Allahabad Bank in Kolkata seeking their explanation for availing themselves of /issuing pay orders for Rs.1.33 crore against cash payment.

In the notice to the Trinamool president, the EC wanted to know from the party the “circumstances under which the pay orders got issued by deposit of cash, in violation of the Reserve Bank of India guidelines without routing it through the bank account and the Commission's instructions on the subject.”

The Commission recalled that, at its all-party meeting and through various instructions, it had advised all parties to avoid transactions in cash during the election process in West Bengal.

In the notices sent to the chairmen of the United Bank of India and the Allahabad Bank, seeking their explanation by April 29, the Commission said the Kolkata main branch 14-India Exchange Place of Allahabad Bank had made two drafts for Rs.10 lakh by deposit of cash by the Trinamool, dated April 25, 2011, favouring M Power Global Access India Limited.

The Old Fort House Street branch of the United Bank of India had made five drafts for Rs.1.23 crore on March 23, 2011, against deposit of cash by the Trinamool favouring Visual Audio.

“The RBI guidelines dated 1.7.2009 categorically prohibit any remittance of funds, by way of DD/telegraphic transfer or any other mode, of Rs.50,000 and above against cash payment. Besides, the EC is concerned about cash transactions during the election process as such transaction vitiates the poll process,” the notices said.

Notice to Anil Basu

In another notice to the former CPI(M) MP, Anil Basu, the Commission sought his written reply by 3 p.m., April 30 for reportedly making “obscene remarks in the filthiest language” against Trinamool president Mamata Banerjee during a public meeting at Arambagh in Hooghly district on April 22.

The EC — which saw a CD containing his alleged speech — said his statement violated the model code of conduct, which prohibits personal attacks on leaders of rival parties, criticism of all aspects of their private life, etc.

The Commission told Mr. Basu that if he failed to reply before the deadline it would be assumed that he had nothing to say in the matter and appropriate action taken against him without further notice.