The father of a 7-year-old school girl from Vasco in south Goa, whose rape case continues to be undetected over 14 months now, on Saturday urged political parties in Goa to refrain from using his family's ordeal as a poll-plank in the Lok Sabha polls.

In an e-mail addressed to presspersons in his name, he made his specific choice clear, supporting Savio Rodrigues, former on-line journalist, who will contest as south Goa candidate on a regional party-Goa Su-Raj Party(GSRP) -ticket.

Victim's father stated that it was Mr. Rodrigues who continuously supported his family post-January 14 horrific ordeal that his little girl had to undergo. The family is distressed that till date the rapist has not been caught and punished.

"It is election time and many people from political parties knocking at my door willing to make the Vasco rape issue as one of the main agenda to their election campaign. So I decided to come-out to the media directly and state my point of view," he said further.

"The reactions and actions of people in political and social sphere that followed the rape of my daughter showed us the true colours of many of our so-called leaders and activists. Most actions were mere lip-service and attempts to score political brownie points. Even today our issue is nothing but a political plank for most political parties", lamented the distressed father and singled out Mr. Rodrigues as the only person who stood by their side day and night.

"In all humility I would urge the families of Goa to support this young leader, who has become our family member and our rock in fighting this case," he appealed.

"If today even the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is progressing on this case, it’s because of the persistence and tenacity of Mr. Rodrigues. We believe that we will get justice because of people like him who stood by us when all other systems, politicians and even police authorities failed," he said.

He made it clear that he will not support any other political party or leader other than Mr. Rodrigues and his political party GSRP, because, "we, as a family believe that he will work for the people of Goa especially security of our women and children."

More than a year after the minor girl was brutally raped inside the toilet of her school, the CBI, which was handed over the case after the Goa police failed to make any headway in the case, is also yet to make any arrest in the case.