As the campaign of major political parties is gaining momentum with general elections round the corner, the electorate is getting bombarded with election manifestos of different parties making tall claims.

However, Bahujan Samaj Party chief Mayawati struck a different chord here on Monday by saying that her party does not believe in releasing manifestos.

The BSP chief is not willing to give manifestos much importance as they are nothing more than a bunch of tall claims made by political parties to woo voters. Elaborating on her party’s stand on not releasing manifestos she said, “We do not release manifestos as we believe more in doing real development work for the people rather than making hollow claims which are never realised.”

Speaking at a party worker’s rally in the city, she cautioned them not to be fooled by the bombastic promises of development and prosperity in the manifestos of other parties.

“You have to be cautious of the exaggerated claims made by other parties. You must not lower your guard and get fooled by their election manifestos,” she said.