Dissident Congress leaders form a new party — Tripura Progressive Gramin Congress

The Congress split in Tripura after disgruntled party leaders and workers floated a party on Sunday.

Subal Bhowmik, a baiter of the PCC president Sudip Roy Burman and erstwhile Leader of the Opposition Ratan Lal Nath, declared the formation of the Triprua Progotishil Gramin Congress (Tripura Progressive Gramin Congress) at a convention here.

The dissidents lashed out at party leaders for ‘paving the victory of CPI (M) in the recent Assembly elections.’

He charged some leaders with striking a deal with the CPI (M) to ensure its win. “EVMs were manipulated in selected constituencies.”

Mr. Bhowmik lost the recent election to a CPI (M) candidate in Sonamura constituency which he had won with a comfortable margin in 2008.

People voted for the Congress-led alliance, but the conspirators and manipulators blocked its way to form a government, he claimed.

He charged a section of the Election Commission officials and State’s Chief Electoral Officer Ashutosh Jindal with leaning towards the CPI (M).

Mr. Bhowmik said thousands of party workers and supporters wanted to know why Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and party chief Sonia Gandhi dropped their plan to campaign in the State and vice president Rahul Gandhi came at the last moment. “The entire process of manipulation began by putting up incompetent candidates. There is no doubt that the people’s verdict was hijacked by some corrupt leaders,” Mr. Bhowmik said.

Speakers at the convention spoke on alleged attacks and threats on party workers after the formation of the CPI (M)-led government.

Congress spokesperson Asish Saha hinted that the party might take disciplinary action against Mr. Bhowmik and his supporters.