Terming “unauthorised” the leave of absence of IPS officer Sanjeev Bhatt, Gujarat Director-General of Police Chitranjan Singh has directed him to report for duty immediately at the State Reserve Police Training Centre (SRPTC), Junagadh.

In a letter written to Mr. Bhatt on Saturday, Mr. Singh also directed him to use appropriate language while addressing a senior officer.

Mr. Bhatt recently filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court implicating Chief Minister Narendra Modi in the 2002 riots.

In his letter, Mr. Singh said Mr. Bhatt going on leave without its being sanctioned was a gross act of indiscipline. “You have been told time and again that your leaving your headquarters under the pretext of [your] having been issued summons to depose with regard to a case was against the rules. But still you keep on giving the same reasons for your leave in your correspondence,” Mr. Singh said.

Unauthorised leave

“You are still being considered as an officer on unauthorised leave. So if you want to be regarded as on duty, you will have to report to the headquarters of your posting and only after your joining report, you shall be considered as on duty.”

Merely getting a summons from a court was not enough for him to leave the headquarters, Mr. Singh warned.

“If you are summoned by any court or investigating agency, you need to inform the office of ADGP [training] or the DGP office about the details first.”

The DGP clarified that this letter was not meant to pressure him or jeopardise his security.

“You are further instructed to come out of the inferiority complex and negative mentality and stop making baseless arguments in your correspondence,” he said.

Mr. Singh also instructed Mr. Bhatt to address his superior officers appropriately.

Mr. Bhatt, in his affidavit filed in the Supreme Court, alleged that Mr. Modi, in February 2002, instructed officers to allow Hindus “to vent their anger” during the clashes and he wanted Muslims “taught a lesson.”

The IPS officer has been summoned by the Nanavati Commission to appear on May 16.