In a shocking incident, a woman who was allegedly denied admission in two government hospitals died here on Thursday night shortly after giving birth to twins out in the open.

According to Tito Tanti, a construction worker living in a shanty on a pavement beside the city Maidan, his 40-year-old wife, Usha Devi, was in labour around 11 p.m. and gave birth to a boy on the roadside nearly an hour later. Another hour elapsed and a girl was born.

Taxis were first reluctant to take the couple to hospital and finally, when transport could be arranged and they did manage to reach Chittaranjan Sishu Sadan hospital (in the south of the city), Usha Devi was allegedly denied admission even though she possessed a State-issued health card.

She was then taken to the Shambunath Pandit Hospital closeby where the staff said she could not be admitted, suggesting that they get back to the hospital they had first approached, her husband said here on Friday.

But before they could get back to the Chittaranjan hospital Usha Devi died.

Her husband has lodged a police complaint. The babies have been admitted at the hospital. The Chittaranjan hospital authorities, who initially denied the allegations, said they were inquiring into the charges.

The State's Health authorities said that an official had been sent to the Shambunath hospital to inquire into the charge that the woman had been denied admission there too. If the allegation was found to be true, steps would be taken against those responsible for refusing her admission.