With the logjam over government formation in Delhi continuing, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Monday said that a fresh election is the only viable solution as had happened in Bihar in 2005.

“I have a formula for Delhi that is a fresh election. What’s the harm in conducting another election in Delhi so that a strong government is formed there?” Mr. Kumar told reporters in Patna.

He said in a similar situation in Bihar in 2005, election to the state Assembly was held twice within the year.

After the Assembly elections in March 2005, Mr. Kumar whose NDA had emerged as the major group, but short of majority in 238-member House, was not invited by then Governor Buta Singh to form the government and President rule was imposed.

The Governor’s decision had invited strong comments from the Supreme Court and a fresh election was held in November in the same year in which the NDA under Mr. Kumar came to power.

“In Delhi if this is repeated, technically there will be election in two separate calendar years 2013 and 2014,” he said.

Mr. Kumar, who is the driving force of JD(U), also favoured that former Supreme Court judge A K Ganguly, indicted for sexual harassment of a law intern by an apex court panel, resign as the Chairman of the West Bengal Human Rights Commission.

“He shall say whatever he has to say after quitting the post,” Mr. Kumar said.