Rita Tiwari, chairman of a defunct Chhattisgarh cooperative bank that allegedly duped investors, has said that the allegations against her are “blatant lies.”

“I can file an affidavit in court to bring forward the truth and the facts,” she said in a signed statement. Earlier, the Congress had released a compact disc (CD) that had the purported conversation between forensic experts and a bank manager, who claimed during a narco-analysis test that Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Raman Singh and his ministers were “paid Rs.1 crore each” in the Indira Priyadarshini Bank scam of 2006. In a half-conscious state, the manager of the bank, Umesh Sinha, had said that “money changed hands under instructions from Ms. Tiwari.”

Mr. Sinha, Ms Tiwari and other directors were arrested after the bank went bust in 2006. They all were later released on bail.

Ms. Tiwari, who was arrested for alleged involvement in the bank scam, refuted allegations made by Mr. Sinha. Claiming that the allegation against her was a “conspiracy and a lie,” Ms. Tiwari said that a “contradiction” was there between “actual information and the statement made during narco-analysis test.”

“That is why police has rejected the test report,” she said. She has also appealed to launch a fresh inquiry against the Mr. Sinha.