The Maharashtra Chief Minister says he has no details on alleged use of supernatural techniques in investigating the murder case

Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan on Monday said that he was not aware of the use of supernatural practices in the investigation of Narendra Dabholkar’s murder.

“I have no details but I will look into the matter,” said Mr. Chavan. He was asked if the police had used supernatural techniques and resorted to planchet reading while investigating the case. The questions were in response to an article carried by The Outlook magazine in its current issue.

“Appallingly, to solve his murder, the Pune Police resorted to supernatural mumbo-jumbo and irrational faith, the very societal ill that Dabholkar fought against so valiantly, a fight that perhaps took his life,” the story read.

The magazine said that a self-styled godman, trained in “reading spirits” was reportedly engaged to have conversation with Dabholkar’s soul.

Dabholkar was murdered on August 20 last year. The police made no headway into the investigation. The matter was therefore recently transferred to the Central Bureau of Investigation by the Bombay High Court.

Mr. Pol, however, denied the allegations. “The incidents quoted in the article are false and without locus standi. We investigated the matter in a legal way,” he said.