An indefinite curfew was imposed on Krishanganj in Rajasthan on Wednesday evening, after two groups clashed during the day.

The clashes started after verbal abuses among school students playing football. These led to heavy stone-throwing and unconfirmed reports of exchange of fire once the elders took over.

Reports here said curfew was clamped in the town bordering Gujarat, around 6.30 p.m. after police fired in the air to disperse unruly mobs. Earlier, they resorted to baton charge and burst teargas shells. Six persons were injured in the clashes and police action. The troublemakers reportedly set a jeep on fire.

The dispute between children started after a kick from one of the players inadvertently landed on the body of another. Soon after, the family members of the children took over. Highway 27, leading to Palanpur in Gujarat, was blocked by a group which protested against the incident.

The police have rounded up some persons. The authorities said the situation was under control.