Spectators who turned up for the IPL III match between Deccan Chargers Hyderabad and Kings XI Punjab were treated to an entertaining programme of dance and music at the Barabati Stadium before the contest commenced on Friday night.

Spectators who started arriving at the stadium enjoyed the programme presented by the troupe of popular brothers Lubun and Tubun duo, a professional outfit which performs in Oriya films and produces private albums

The 70-member troupe performed pleasingly to the tunes of popular Oriya and Sambalpuri dialect songs. Some modern dances were also thrown in.

Among the songs performed were “Rangabati re…Rangabati”, a Sambalpuri dialect song, which is the all-time classic non-filmi song which is considered a part of Oriya culture and sung and performed at every function in Orissa. The song is written by Mitrabhanu Gountia and was originally sung by Jitendria Haripal.

Among other songs performed were “Jaiphulla re…Jaiphulla” and “Rangachadie”.

After the dancers left the scene, popular singer T. Souri and others belted out some popular film songs.

Even as the cultural programme was coming to an end, players of both teams entered the ground to limber up and the spectators watched them while listening to the songs.

Soon after the toss was over, won by King XI which decided to put Deccan Chargers in, the cheer girls of both teams entered the scene to the loud cheers of spectators.

About half-an-hour to the commencement of the match, the lower stands of the galleries were almost full, indicating that the Cuttack people were not totally disinterested in the IPL matches, being played for the first time here.

Before the matches commenced team songs of Deccan Chargers and Kings XI Punjab were played. and the cheer girls performed.

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