Former Indian Test captain Bishen Singh Bedi accompanied by former cricketers and a Supreme Court lawyer landed in Amritsar on Friday to “expose” the corruption allegedly promoted by BJP candidate Arun Jaitley in the Delhi District Cricket Association (DDCA) and campaign for his principal rival Captain Amarinder Singh of the Congress.

Mr. Bedi’s decision to campaign for Captain Singh comes days after Delhi cricketer Gautam Gambir sought support for Mr. Jaitely from cricketing enthusiasts at an event in the city’s Gandhi ground. Mr. Bedi’s entry into the highly charged campaign scene in Amritsar is widely seen as an extension of the animosity between him and Mr. Jaitely over the running of the DDCA.

Speaking to The Hindu, Mr. Bedi said, “Mr. Jaitley’s track record as president of the DDCA, is poor . Under him the Association has become a den of corruption and we are here to apprise the youth of this region about who is good for the overall social development of Amritsar.”

He, however, clarified that he is not in Amritsar to “oppose anyone” but will inform and make the people aware about where the candidates stand on promoting sports. In 2013 Mr. Bedi had lost the DDCA elections to a candidate supported by Mr. Jaitely.

When asked if he had the Congress leanings, Mr. Bedi said that his father was a staunch Congressman who had served as the president of the Amritsar District Congress Committee.

“However, I am actively campaigning for the first time for any candidate. I have known Captain Singh for a long time and when he asked me to campaign for him, I felt that it is the right thing to do, because he is a son of the soil and has a lot to offer to the State and Amritsar in particular.”

On the other hand, Mr. Jaitley has a clutch of Delhi lawyers camping in Amritsar to help out with his election campaign.