Trinamool Congress chairperson and Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s stand on issues including foreign direct investment in retail is an instance of her “pseudo-Left” politics, West Bengal Left Front Committee chairman Biman Bose said on Monday.

“When FDI was first introduced by the National Democratic Alliance government, of which the Trinamool was a constituent, she never opposed it… Why did she not oppose it then and why is she opposing it now?” he asked at a CPI(M) rally here.

Mr. Bose said Ms. Banerjee became vocal on these issues only to convince the people that she was also part of the movement and that she worked in the interests of the people. “There is a wider conspiracy behind her opposition,” he said adding she was perhaps acting on the advice of officials of the U.S.. “The U.S. has told her that it will be possible to endear herself to the people of this country if she publicly opposes the U.S.”

Ms. Banerjee was now in New Delhi for a demonstration there on several issues including FDI in retail, Mr. Bose said, alleging “she has stayed away from Kolkata to avoid this rally.”