CPI(M) on Saturday accused West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee of ‘doublespeak’ on her stand on the Maoists and doubted if her seven day-deadline to the ultras to lay down arms would help resolve crisis in tribal Junglemahal.

“She has allowed the Maoists to act violently in Junglemahal month after month and after feeling the pinch she is now warning the Maoists,” CPI(M) leader and Leader of the Opposition Suryakanta Mishra said.

Accusing Ms. Banerjee of helping the Maoists expand their areas of operation in Junglemahal, he said 170 Left activists were killed by Maoists but Ms. Banerjee had remained silent. “But when two or three of her Trinamool Congress leaders are killed, she becomes vocal against the Maoists.”

“It is not clear how a seven day-deadline on the Maoists to lay down arms will be realistic at all when the ultras have ripped apart Junglemahal with months and months of violence.”