Senior Bharatiya Janata Party leader L.K. Advani on Thursday said that the country earned an adverse reputation of one of the most corrupt countries in the world under the UPA rule.

Addressing an election rally at Majra in Nahan he said “we would have been one of the top powerful countries in the world but the dream could not be fulfilled due to the Congress’ misrule.” He claimed that if voted back to power in 2014 the NDA would take it to newer heights and bring it back on the power map of the world.

“The image of the country is touching an all-time low due to the rising scams and rampant corruption under the UPA regime,” he said. It was only the educated electorate that could rub out the black spot of corruption from the face of this country after defeating the Congress in the coming Vidhan Sabha and later in the Loksabha elections, he added.

On the issue of terrorism in the neighbouring countries, the BJP leader said, those who would breed terrorism would have the taste of their own medicine after some time. Hinting at Pakistan he said the ruling elite across the border was facing a grave problem now.

Mr. Advani said that a legislation could be passed to make voting compulsory for every voter. He said there could be an option of rejecting the candidates and unwillingness to vote on the EVMs and facilities should be provided for online voting by the people. He said education, health and security of people should be given a top priority by any government in the country and only then it can could become the “Sirmaur” (crown).

He also expressed surprise that the district which has been named as “Sirmaur” (where he addressed) was the most backward district even in the hill State. It was all due to the total support and majority on all five seats given to the Congress from a long time by the innocent people here, he said. He made a passionate appeal to the people to defeat the Congress and bring a change in the political composition of the backward hill district. National BJP spokesman Shah Nawaz Hussain also spoke on the occasion.

BJP leader Rajnath Singh, addressing a rally in Mandi, said the Congress brought the nation to the advanced stage of bankruptcy by its continuous involvement in corruption and plundering national resources.