The contractual staff nurses of MKCG Medical College Hospital ceased work and held demonstration on Thursday protesting against ‘irregularities' in the payment of their salaries.

Some 270 contractual staff nurses of the medical college hospital took part in the agitation.

They sat in dharna in front of the office of the superintendent of the medical college hospital from 8 a.m. Leader of the nurses Shibani Dash said they had to take up the agitation as despite regular demands before the chief matron, the matter could not be settled. According to her, the senior regular staff nurses had shown solidarity to their cause by managing the wards while the contractual nurses took part in the agitation.

The demonstration of these nurses continued for around four hours till the superintendent of the medical college hospital came to his office. The agitating contractual nurses said they would not return to their work if their long-pending dues were not settled. They blamed the MKCG authorities for the delay and irregularities in their payments.

Their counterparts in the other two government medical colleges in the State in Cuttack and Burla were getting their payments in time.

The agitating contractual nurses alleged that they had not got their salaries for the month of February till Thursday although the month of March was about to end. They also alleged that they had not received their dress allowance since past two years. The State government has declared a special allowance of Rs. 1,500 per month for them apart from their contractual salaries. They had not received the allowance since July 2009.

The agitation of the nurses compelled the MKCG authorities to make immediate arrangements for the payment of dues to the contractual nurses, so that the functioning of the medical college was not hampered. They were handed over the salary for the month of February, allowances from July 2009 till January this year and dress allowance which was due since past two years.