At least a dozen activists of BJP and Congress were on Sunday injured in a clash which broke out during the main opposition party’s protest outside Union Minister Sriprakash Jaiswal’s residence here over the coal block allocation issue.

Led by party leader Kalraj Mishra, BJP activists marched towards the Pokharpur residence of Jaiswal to stage a protest there over the issue of coal block allocation.

The protesting BJP activists, however, were stopped at a barricade set up by police about 200 metres from Jaiswal’s residence.

Sources claimed the move of BJP activists to paint the posters of Jaiswal in black angered the Congress workers who were present there. After a heated argument, a clash broke out between the workers of both political parties.

Police resorted to mild cane charge after heavy brickbatting from both sides.

“About two dozen BJP members, including party MLA from Govind Nagar Satyadeo Pachauri, were injured in the violence which triggered off on behest of Congress members,” party legislator Salil Vishnoi told PTI.

Few party members have suffered injuries in the head region, he said, adding that even women activists were not spared in the violence.

Earlier in the day, BJP members held a protest in a function attended by Mr. Jaiswal at Dadanagar area.

Meanwhile, the security around Mr. Jaiswal’s residence has been increased after the clash.