While the dates of the 2014 Lok Sabha elections are yet to be announced, the Congress and the Nationalist Congress Party have already started showing disagreement over the issue of seat-sharing in Maharashtra.

The NCP on Tuesday announced that the old formula of seat sharing will be followed in the next elections. According to the party, 22 seats will be fought by the NCP, while the Congress will contest on 26 seats. Maharashtra has a total of 48 Lok Sabha seats.

“Leaders of both the parties have already met in Delhi and as per their decision, the old formula will be repeated once again in 2014,” said Bhaskar Jadhav, State president, NCP. Mr. Jadhav said that there is no reason to divert from the old formula as it will bring maximum seats to the UPA.

“Our ultimate aim is UPA’s victory and we will be fighting to win every seat we contest,” he said.

Congress, however, has completely denied any such talks taking place in Delhi. “As per my knowledge, no such formula has been finalised. Whether we will go by the old formula or accept new one is a decision to be taken by high command. We don’t know why they are making this statement,” said Manikrao Thakre, President, Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee, in a press conference held on Monday.

“We have been told about the seat sharing formula by our senior leaders. It is not our problem if the state Congress leaders are not informed by their leadership,” said Mr. Jadhav.

According to Mr. Jadhav, while the party will contest on 22 seats, exchange of few seats with Congress is likely.