Demands white paper on steps taken for welfare of Uttarakhand people

The opposition BJP in Uttarakhand on Saturday alleged that senior Congress leaders were eying the Chief Minister’s chair and caring little for people of the State hit by a natural disaster in June last year. Alleging that the ruling Congress is full of power greedy leaders vying with each other to grab the Chief Minister’s chair, State BJP spokesman Suresh Joshi asked the government to release a white paper detailing steps taken during the last two years for the welfare of the people of Uttarakhand.

“The people have the right to know the truth behind the claims of development being made by the State government from every possible forum these days,” he said. Mr. Joshi sought details of the amount spent under various heads in the calamity-ravaged areas. The government must tell people what it did to rein in “steadily declining” law and order scenario in the State and the steps taken to create job opportunities for youth, he said. The BJP leader also asked the State government to explain how much of the central funds received under schemes such as Pradhan Mantri Sadak Yojana were spent by the State government.