Opposition BJP on Thursday said that threats of Congress MLA Harish Dhami to resign from Uttarakhand Assembly are a clear indication that things are falling apart within the party in the state.

“Mr. Dhami’s direct threat to resign clearly indicates that there is acute resentment within the Congress over development works coming to a standstill in the state,” BJP state spokesman Prakash Suman Dhyani said in a statement.

Claiming that Mr. Dhami’s case was not a stand-alone one, he said several Congress MLAs including Assembly Speaker Govind Singh Kunjwal keep making “unfavourable” comments against the state government from time to time, indicating all is not well with the party in power.

On Wednesday, Mr. Dhami threatened to resign from the state Assembly over alleged failure of the government to carry out development works in his constituency.

Alleging that no development projects in his constituency are being taken up by the state government despite repeated reminders from him, the Dharchula MLA said he would resign if the state government did not do something to redress his complaints within a fortnight.

Even Assembly Speaker Kunjwal recently said corruption has crossed all limits in the state.

“Uttarakhand has left Uttar Pradesh far behind when it comes to corruption. One cannot get anything done here without greasing the palm of someone. Even post-mortems are not being carried out without taking a bribe,” Mr. Kunjwal told reporters in Nainital.