On Monday when Trinamool Congress chairperson Mamata Banerjee takes her fight against the Centre’s decisions on reforms to New Delhi, the West Bengal Congress will launch a campaign here to “dispel the misconceptions that Ms. Banerjee is spreading about FDI.”

“The manner in which Ms. Banerjee is speaking about FDI is creating misconceptions among people about the initiatives taken by the Centre. We have to reach out to the people and give them the true picture,” West Bengal Pradesh Congress Committee president Pradip Bhattacharya told The Hindu on Sunday.

The Trinamool has claimed that its protest rally at Jantar Mantar on Monday, which will be addressed by Ms. Banerjee herself, is the launch of its nationwide agitation on the issue.

To counter it, the Congress appears to be taking the battle straight to Ms. Banerjee’s neighbourhood. The protest march organised by the party will conclude at Hazra crossing, which is very close to her Kalighat residence. “We believe that by opposing FDI in retail, the West Bengal government is doing an injustice to the people of this State. They will be deprived of the opportunities that it offers,” Mr. Bhattacharya said. The party will organise a campaign to present the true facts about FDI in retail.

The Congress, it seems, is also not holding back in its criticism of the policies of the State government.

Peeved with “the language and words” used by the Chief Minister and her act of mimicking the Prime Minister during an interview to a television channel, the Congress State leadership had protested the manner in which “personal rage” was being brought to the political platform.