Just when you thought poll-related jibes in the run up to the parliamentary polls couldn't get any worse, a BJP MLA's alleged remarks on AICC president Sonia Gandhi and vice-president Rahul Gandhi appear to be marking a new low in Indian politics.

BJP MLA from Niwai (SC) assembly constituency Heeralal Regar, while addressing a public meeting in Tonk last week, allegedly made objectionable remarks against the two Congress leaders.

According to reports, Mr. Regar said the two Congress leaders should be stripped and sent back to Italy.

“My statement has been distorted by political opponents... I simply gave a speech like politicians generally do during elections,” Mr. Regar told The Hindu. “All I said was that these people were misgoverning the country... and if the Modi government came to power... they would be packed off to Italy,” he said.

“I did not even take anyone's name... but still if it hurt someone... then I express my regret over it,” said Mr. Regar.

On Monday, Congress supporters lodged a police complaint over Mr. Regar's remarks. “We strongly condemn the remarks...we have complained to the district election officer,” state Congress spokesperson Archana Sharma told The Hindu.

“The problem we have is that the BJP did not reprimand the MLA at all...when the state president was asked about the matter, he simply said these things were normal in election speeches...does the BJP have no respect for women?” she said.

When contacted, BJP president Ashok Parnami said there was no question of the party taking any disciplinary action against Mr. Regars. “All he said was that if the BJP came to power...Sonia Gandhi would be sent off to Italy...whats wrong in that?” he told The Hindu.