The central government has revoked 352 licences of prohibited bore weapons issued by the authorities in Nagaland and asked private arms holders to deposit their weapons with the police by April 21.

“The Central government has revoked 352 arms licences which were issued by the licensing authorities of various districts of Nagaland during the period August 24, 1987 to January 9, 2007, as the licences were without any authority of law,” according to a statement by Home Ministry here.

Individuals holding these licences need to deposit both the document and the arms and ammunition within 15 days with the officer in charge of the police station nearest to wherever they are residing at present, the statement said.

“Failure to deposit the arms and ammunition is liable to punishment with such imprisonment and fine as stipulated under Section 25 of the Arms Act, 1959,” the statement added.

According to the law, the Central government alone can issue licences for prohibited arms while district magistrates do not have such powers. Such a licence is granted to a person who faces threat to life, including MPs and state legislators.