The CBI should take Haren Pandya murder case to the Supreme Court in appeal, Gujarat government’s spokesperson, Jay Narayan Vyas, said on Wednesday.

Mr. Vyas also quipped that CBI “works under the direct supervision of the Prime Minister”.

“The High Court has released the accused on technical grounds (from murder charge), so the CBI should take this matter further to the Supreme Court,” Mr. Vyas, also the State Health Minister, said talking to reporters in Ahmedabad.

“And it (CBI) should ensure that whoever are the accused and found guilty are given the strictest of the punishment,” he said.

When asked for government’s reaction to the demand of Jagruti Pandya (Haren Pandya’s wife) that the case should be probed afresh, Mr. Vyas said: “Within hours of Pandya’s murder, State government had asked for independent CBI inquiry, and succeeded in getting it. Therefore, as far as we are concerned, the State government has done whatever was required to be done right on day one.”