There have been bush fires at some parts of Manipur as the trees and other vegetations are shrivelled in view of the prolonged drought like situation.

Most of the bush fires were reported near Imphal. On Tuesday such a bush fire was reported near the camp of 49 Border Security Force about 6 km from Imphal. As the personnel could not put out the raging flames fire fighters had to be called in.  The fire was extinguished late in the night.

Another devastating bush fire was reported near Langol housing complex adjacent to the sanctuary for the brow antlered deer. Deer and other animals were at risk. Fire fighters battled it out till late evening.

It has been a long-held tribals’ tradition to start bush fire to clear the mountain slopes for shifting cultivation. Besides hunters are resorting to such devastating fire for herding the wild animals for hunting. The bush fires near Imphal must be either accidental or deliberate not connected with shifting cultivation, officials said.

Fire fighters are facing problems since there is very little water available to douse the fire.