A 12-year-old boy was killed and two others were wounded in a gunfight. With tension running high in the area, police and paramilitary personnel have been rushed there. People in the two villages are not allowed to venture out of their houses for the time being.

Relations were strained between inhabitants of Sora, a Muslim village and Meenou, a tribal village, after the July 2, 2013 murder of D.K. Musipha, a brother of D.K. Korungthang, MLA from Chandel district. Police arrested a Muslim youth along with the mobile handset of Musipha. He was charged with murdering the elderly man for gain. The two villages are located just a kilometre from each other.

The current trouble started on Thursday evening after the reported abduction of a Sora man by unidentified persons. The abductors allegedly opened fire at Sora residents who were chasing them. Police said that there were reports of gunfire for a long time. They added that they had to resort to firing in the air to separate the two warring groups.

12 year-old Nizamuddin, was found with serious head injuries after the gunfight was over. He succumbed to his injuries on the way to hospital. Two other Sona villagers, Safi Moulubi and Mohammad Rashid, who sustained injuries, are said to be out of danger.

Police said though tension is running high in the area, the situation is fully under control.