A contraption of gelatine sticks held together with tape spread a bomb scare in suburban Andheri on Wednesday morning.

The police control room received a call around 11.52 a.m. about a “suspicious-looking object” near the Infinity shopping mall.

“It was a fake bomb. It was like one of those bomb-like devices you see in movies with some wooden and plastic sticks. The object was found at the back of the shopping mall, near a building. We don’t know who put it there,” the police said.

By afternoon, there was another scare in south Mumbai near a private hospital. Police said no suspicious object was found. Bomb squads were sent to both the locations and the areas were cordoned off. A team of the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad also went to the spot.

“We check every time even though it might be a rumour. We cannot ignore any call,” the police said.