One powerful foreign-made bomb exploded on Tuesday morning near Marwari Dharmasala in the Imphal city. There was no casualty. Police sources said the bomb was planted under a hand-cart and activated by a remote control device. There have been series of bomb blasts in the Imphal city all these days. Earlier, nine migrant workers from Assam were killed and 11 others wounded, when a hand grenade was hurled inside the shack of the labourers in Imphal.

Home Minister, Gaikhangam Gangmei said the bomb attacks are intended to create law and order problems. Describing the attacks as cowardly, he said that the government will come down with a heavy hand to curb this.

Every morning, scores of migrant workers assemble at Marwari Dharmasala to start their daily works.


2 drivers killed in Imphal blast October 30, 2013