Bharatiya Janata Party on Saturday accused Nationalist Congress Party of threatening voters by cutting water and electricity connections.

"In areas which did not vote for NCP, the State government is cutting the water connections in selective localities," alleged Madhav Bhandari, chief spokesperson for BJP’s Maharashtra unit.

The assembly elections in the State are likely to be held in October this year. Following a disastrous performance in the Lok Sabha elections, where the saffron alliance won 42 seats out of 48, the Congress-NCP government is facing a tough battle. As per the election results, the saffron alliance was ahead in over 220 assembly constituencies out of 288.

Mr. Bhandari said that people in parts of Satara, Sangli and Palghar constituencies are facing water and electricity cuts for over three days. "The housing societies dominated by Gujarati and Marwari communities are too facing the same problem," he claimed in a press conference.

Maharashtra's Deputy Chief Minister and NCP leader Ajit Pawar was caught in a controversy before elections, after an audio clip he was heard threatening villagers. He had warned the villagers to vote for NCP candidate Supriya Sule or else to face water cuts.