This is the best turnaround story that the country can boast of-Bihar, the worst performing state for decades, has surprised one and all by clocking an astonishing 11.03 per cent growth during the period between 2004—05 and 2008—09.

According to the latest Central Statistical Organisation (CSO) data, this growth is just a shade behind Gujarat, which grew 11.05 per cent during the same period. During this period the national GDP grew much less at 8.49 per cent.

The CSO also hailed the state saying, “Bihar is the new miracle economy of the country,” deputy chief minister Sushil Kumar Modi said here on Sunday.

Mr. Modi said in a statement that the state witnessed 5.15 per cent negative growth during 2003-04, under the rule of RJD, when Rabri Devi was the chief minister, adding this high growth had been achieved under the regime of Nitish Kumar who took over the reins on November 25, 2005, he said.

The achievement has proved beyond doubt that good governance could work miracles even for a most backward state like Bihar, he added.

Mr. Modi further said the Opposition which often made unjust comments on the economic status of the state should take a lesson from the CSO report.