Bishna Ram Bishnoi helped dispose of the body; he will be taken to Jodhpur today

Bishna Ram Bishnoi, described by the police as one of the prime accused in the Bhanwari Devi case, was arrested by the Pune police near Lonavala on Wednesday morning.

Pune Commissioner of Police Meeran Borwankar said the police acted on a tip-off by the Central Bureau of Investigation.

Bishnoi (26) was produced in a Pune court on Wednesday evening, where Pune police obtained a two-day transit police custody. He will be taken to Jodhpur on Thursday morning.

The CBI issued a non-bailable arrest warrant against Bishnoi on December 24.

Though the police refused to divulge details about the role played by Bishnoi in the rape and murder case, it has been learnt that he was involved in disposing of the body.

The CBI had announced a Rs. 5 lakh reward on Bishnoi, which will now be given to the Pune police.

The CBI informed the Pune police on Tuesday about the possible presence of Bishnoi in the region, Ms. Borwankar said.

“He was a criminal wanted by the CBI. We have managed to track him within 12 hours.” The police have been informed that there are more than 40 cases pending against Bishnoi, including those of murder and fraud.

“I would not like to comment on his association with any political forces,” Ms. Borwankar said to a pointed question. She said the police knew who had given him refuge in Lonavala, but more details would be revealed in the CBI interrogation.

Calling it an important step in the “sensational and sensitive case,” Ms. Borwankar said the police hunted him down on Wednesday morning after a 12-hour operation.

“He was on the run, and at the time of the arrest, he was hiding in an industrial godown in Lonavala.”