The Jodhpur police have arrested Shiva, caretaker of Asaram Bapu, who had earlier failed to appear before the police, on Saturday.

Besides, the police arrested 13 supporters of Asaram, including a woman, for attacking media persons in Jodhpur earlier on Saturday.

Ajay Pal Lamba, DCP Jodhpur (West) confirmed to The Hindu that Shiva, who had earlier been asked to appear in Jodhpur by Thursday, was arrested.

Earlier on Saturday morning, supporters of Asaram Bapu started pouring into Jodhpur from different places.

When a TV news crew tried to film their arrival, supporters of Asaram Bapu started beating them up. The reporter, Bhawani Deora of IBN7 and his cameraman were left with bleeding injuries after they were rescued by local people.

The police registered cases under sections 307 and 395 of the Indian Penal Code and arrested 13 persons, Mr. Lamba told The Hindu.

The police then sealed the borders of the district, not allowing any more supporters to enter the city and asking those who had already come, to leave.

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot had earlier condemned the attack on journalists assuring prompt action while alluding to the role of RSS and BJP supporters in it.

"It was an uncivilised act and should be condemned by everyone. Action would be taken against the accused," said Mr. Gehlot.

"There have been many such attacks in Gujarat. Some politicians in Rajasthan say the Gujarat model should be implemented here. Is this the model they want to be implemented here?" he asked, hinting at the state's BJP leadership.