Suspended Gujarat DIG D. G. Vanzara who resigned on Tuesday faulted Narendra Modi’s lieutenant Amit Shah for allegedly neglecting police officers who have been jailed for following government policy.

“His [Mr. Shah’s] unholy grip over the State administration is so complete that he is almost running the government of Gujarat by proxy,” Mr. Vanzara alleged. “The resultant criminal negligence of this government on one hand and wilful acts of omissions and commissions by Shri Amitbhai Shah towards the fate of 32 jailed police officers on the other are so nauseating that it may take this government to the crematorial ground sooner or later,” he added. “Hon’ble Chief Minister of Gujarat has very rightly been talking of repaying his debt which he owes to Mother India. It, indeed, is the sacred duty of every citizen to do it. But, it would not be out of context to remind him that he, in the hurry of marching towards Delhi, may kindly not forget to repay the debt which he owes to jailed police officers,” Mr. Vanzara wrote in his letter, addressed to Additional Chief Secretary, Home.

But Mr. Vanzara did not admit that the encounters, with which he has been associated, were fake and said the killings followed a “conscious policy of the government,” in the wake of rising Jihadi terrorism after Godhra train burning and subsequent riots, when the government had adopted a “proactive policy of zero tolerance for terrorism” at the highest level of decision-making.