Engaged in a war of words during their heated poll campaign for Amritsar seat, Congress’ Amarinder Singh and BJP leader Arun Jaitley were for once exchanging pleasantries as the two rivals ran into each other during their morning walk on Sunday.

The two heavyweights stopped on seeing each other, shook hands, smiled and even stood for few minutes as a number of people clicked their photos with their mobiles at the picturesque Company Bagh in Amritsar.

The two candidates also spoke to other morning walkers.

But Mr. Singh did not lose the opportunity to take as dig at Mr. Jaitley. Asked about the chance encounter, he remarked, “It was a nice feeling to meet our guest from Delhi.” The Congress leader has been calling Mr. Jaitley an “outsider” during his campaign.

A number of people from a cross section of society spoke to the two leaders telling them about various issues.

Later in an informal conversation with reporters, Mr. Singh said it was a great way to interact with people to learn about their problems and get honest feedback.