‘Media is highlighting only crimes from Uttar Pradesh, not Rajasthan or MP; Centre should give us power for one year on credit’

Amid nationwide outrage over the Badaun gangrape and murder incident, Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav on Tuesday accused the media of highlighting cases occurring in Uttar Pradesh while ignoring those in other states.

The chief minister facing flak over the shocking incident has claimed that his government has taken actions against this or any other incidents.

“Badaun or any other incidents in the state, the government has taken stern action on them. In Badaun whatever steps the government could take, it took. Decision on CBI inquiry has also been taken. Wherever incident took place in the state, action has been taken,” Mr. Yadav told reporters after a cabinet meeting.

“I have said this several times that incidents of the state are publicised more. Such incidents do not happen in UP alone,” he added.

Mr. Yadav said, “An incident happened in Bangalore, was it shown on national channels? Incidents are taking place in Madhya Pradesh. I have got information that chain of a member of a big minister was snatched near her home. Rajasthan is before you. Only UP is visible and this is more visible to cunning people.”

Power crisis: Akhilesh balmes centre

Launching a counter attack on BJP agitating on the issue of power crisis, Mr. Yadav said the rival party has government at the Centre, but it was neither giving the state power of its full quota nor was it providing coal to operate plants.

“These BJP people are cunning and recently sat on dharna,” he alleged adding, “Their people met me and I accepted their proposal. They said about system improvement, I accepted. I told them ask the Centre to increase our quota and provide coal. Taking to the streets and staging a demonstration has no meaning.

Mr. Yadav claimed the government has continuously taken steps in the power sector.

“When they have got such a landslide victory and the Prime Minister is from here then give us power for one year on credit. We will return in 2016. The government has done a number of MoUs for power so that new plants can be set up and this crisis can end,” he said.

On a question of asking assistance from the Centre, he said, “We will only ask what which UP should get. Work of Gorakhpur-Varanasi and Kanpur-Hamirpur roads which is the responsibility of National Highway Authority of India has not started yet.”

On being asked about clash between Samajwadi men during a review meeting held at district headquarters, Mr. Yadav said he would collect information on it.


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