The students of Indira Gandhi National Tribal Students' University, Regional Campus Manipur, have strongly reacted to the "inflammatory and defamatory" letter sent by Prof T.V. Kattimani, the vice chancellor to the students' leaders on June 3, 2014.

Talking to reporters on Wednesday, the student leaders said that the letter of the VC was "leaked" to some local newspapers which published its contents on June 7. The motive was to confuse the people and tarnish the image of the students' union, they said.

The angry students have been shutting down the university campus since June 3. They are staging sit in protest and other "forms of democratic protests". Manglien Gangte, the president of the students' union told The Hindu that they will continue the agitation till their genuine demands are conceded.

The student leaders also objected to the reference to them as "self styled leaders" by the VC in his letter clarifying that they had been elected for one year in a democratic manner. They also denied the charge that they are working against the academics and administration causing a fear psychosis about their lives. In a meeting held on June 30, the student leaders had assured the Chief Minister, the education minister and officials of the university that lives and properties on the campus would not be jeopardised.

The student leaders said that the university headquarters located at Amarkantak is responsible for the June 21 incident since it had failed to respect and abide by the provisions of the MoU. It says that "the VC would take actions against the officials on or before June 20. Otherwise the students are free to take their own decision". The VC did not take any actions within the stipulated time.

The students further said that the headquarters is not issuing mark sheets, certificates and other testimonials on time to the students. They are demanding opening of a regional campus in Manipur on permanent basis. Parents are not happy that the academic atmosphere is now vitiated in this regional centre.