Moreh, the border town where there is legalised trade, is slowly limping back to normality after the bomb blast on Friday.

Besides, a wildcat general strike was imposed by various civil organisations in protest against the alleged excesses of the personnel of 9 Assam Rifles deployed there. In the meantime, the civil organisations including Tamil Sangam, Moreh, are not happy that the police and security forces are unable to nab the persons responsible for the blast in this border town.

Suspected militants, who sneaked from Myanmar along the unmanned border, detonated a powerful remote controlled bomb on Friday morning in the town while Assam Rifles personnel on foot patrolling were nearing the house of one Seikam Mate. There was no casualty. On hearing the sound of the powerful blast, people started running here and there. The personnel had overpowered three tribals who were running away from the site of the blast. The residents said that all three of them were innocent panic stricken persons. They had nothing to do with the blast but were running away in panic. They demanded immediate release of the innocent persons.

However, the local leaders said that instead of releasing them, many more youths were picked up during the combing operations launched in the town. Kuki Students' Organisation, Tamil Sangam - Moreh, Hill Tribal Council Meitei Council - Moreh and many others called a wildcat strike in the town paralysing the border trade. Besides, thousands of traders and tourists were stuck up. Some vehicles which tried to leave Moreh for Imphal were vandalised. The civil organisations, however, lifted the strike later in the evening. But then it was too late for the people to leave Moreh for Imphal.

In a joint statement, the civil organisations urged the government to nab the culprits. They also appealed to the unknown persons not to create panic and law and order problems at Moreh in this manner.

Meanwhile, sources said that the insurgents who may be behind the blast had vanished along the no man's land soon after the blast. Police and security forces have beefed up security measures in this border town.