The NGOs and activists who have been clamouring for protection of India's land along the Manipur-Myanmar border are happy that some political parties have raised the issue in Parliament.

However, other political parties are evading the issue on flimsy pretexts such as insisting on “evidence” and other supportive documents. Besides, the three MPs from Manipur have not taken up the issue as yet, the said.

The Border Roads Organisation has been erecting the border fence deep inside Manipur's territory. Over 20 tribal villages will be affected by the border fence. Photographs of the border fence under construction had been published along with in depth reports. The Information Centre for Hill Areas of Manipur has been raising the issue for more than two months. Parties such as CPI, Trinamool Congress and Manipur People's Party have been making a hue and cry over the issue. It is somewhat surprising that other local and national parties have been sticking their heads in the sand, an activist told The Hindu on Saturday.

When Chinese Army made incursions in Arunachal Pradesh or Pakistani Army in Jammu and Kashmir, there is a hue and cry both inside and outside Parliament. But it is incomprehensible why these parties maintain a deafening silence when the Myanmar Army sneaked into Holenphai village in Manipur and cut down trees for the construction of an army camp there. It is India's land, the activist said.

He further said that the agitation will not be called off until the country’s boundary with Myanmar is re-surveyed and demarcated again. The NGOs and several political parties have been demanding suspension of the border fence erection work till the boundary is properly demarcated.