The All Assam Students Union (AASU) has demanded DNA testing of illegal Bangladeshi migrants in Assam to prevent them from falsely establishing their ‘Indian identity’ and including their names in the National Register of Citizens (NRC).

“A scientific method like DNA testing has to be adopted to put a water-tight system in place to deter the illegal Bangladeshis already here from establishing their Indian identity through various documents, including ration cards, etc.”, AASU advisor Samujjal Bhattacharya told reporters on Friday.

“The fear of getting themselves DNA tested will deter the infiltrators from getting themselves included in the voters list and also from coming in illegally”, the AASU leader said.

“It is a question of the existence of our indigenous people. The demographic pattern here has been changed by the infiltrators. A scientific approach has to be adopted”, Mr. Bhattacharya said.

During the several rounds of tripartite and other meetings with the Centre, the AASU had insisted on the DNA test and updating of the 1951 NRC, he said.