In a step to shape up the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, the party in Uttarakhand on Tuesday redesigned its State executive committee.

In a State executive meeting held here positions were reassigned to the members of the party’s State Executive committee.

AAP State co-convenor Asha Rani Kapoor said, “The meeting was to bring more discipline in the party and streamline it ahead of the Lok Sabha elections.”

“The meeting was essential because many people were falsely claiming themselves as members of the State executive committee. We needed to clarify the issue,” Ms Kapoor added.

At a press conference held in the State capital earlier this year, the party’s State executive members had announced that AAP would contest all five Lok Sabha seats in Uttarakhand.

According to AAP State Secretary Rajesh Sharma, around 250 people have enrolled for the five Lok Sabha seats. However, the final decision on the nominations will be made on the basis of the discussion with the members of the party’s State screening committee and national executive committee.

Around a lakh people across the State have become members of AAP under its Main bhi aam aadmi nationwide membership campaign which will conclude on January 26 this year, Mr Sharma said.

Stating the response of the people across the State as “overwhelming”, Ms Kapoor said the people of the State have lost faith in the ruling Congress.

“At present no work is being done for the people living across the State. The Congress party has proved to be inefficient. Much better work can be done even with limited resources but here the State government has crores of funds that remain unutilised,” Ms Kapoor said.


Boost for AAP in Uttarakhand February 15, 2014