Manjhi laboured for 22 years to build a road to give easy access to his village

Actor Aamir Khan on Tuesday laid a wreath and paid rich tributes to the statue of ‘mountain man’ Dasrath Manjhi at his Gehlaur village in Muhra block of Gaya, Bihar.

Manjhi was a poor landless labourer, who created a road 360 feet long and 30 feet wide single-handedly with 22 years of labour — 1960 to 1982 — to give his village easy access.

“This man is a life story of love and known the world over for his commitment toward his wife,” said the Bollywood actor, who will start season two of his popular TV show Satyamev Jayate on March 2 with Manjhi’s tale.

Manjhi, who died seven years ago, gave villagers easier access to Atri block with hospital facilities.

Khan, 48, met Manjhi’s family members and promised them that his team would visit them in the next three days to offer assistance.