The recovery of a dozen human foetuses — some of them eaten by stray dogs — from a dustbin near the Lal Bahadur Shastri Stadium in the labour-dominated Bapunagar locality here has unnerved the police.

They said an anonymous telephone caller informed the police on Monday morning about the presence of the human foetuses in the dustbin. Some were found in damaged condition, possibly partly eaten away by stray dogs.

The police immediately alerted the authorities at the Forensic Science Laboratory in Gandhinagar for assistance.

They initially suspected it to be a case of mass female foeticide, but the medical report on the foetuses revealed that seven of them were male and five female.

The Ahmedabad municipal corporation authorities said it has launched a massive investigation among medical practitioners in the vicinity to unearth the possibility of illegal termination of pregnancies, particularly because one of the foetuses was found kept in a bottle.

The police believe that some unauthorised medical practitioners dumped the foetuses on Sunday night.

State Health Minister Jaynarayan Vyas, condemning the incident, said the government had asked the State health commissioner to inquire into the matter and unearth illegal practices.

M.S. Patel, president of the Ahmedabad Gynaecology Association, condemned the incident as “despicable.”

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