Former Lok Sabha Speaker Purno Agitok Sangma, who launched the National People’s Party (NPP) to prevent the Congress from making inroads in his fortress in Garo Hills region, says in an interview with Sushanta Talukdar that Meghalaya will vote for another coalition government this time. He also rules out a post-poll coalition between the NPP and the Congress.

How do you expect Meghalaya to vote?

There will be a coalition government led by the NPP with the United Democratic Party (UDP) as a major partner and smaller parties like the HSPDP(Hill State People’s Democratic Party).

Do you agree with the Congress view that single party government is best?

Yes. That is true. We are looking for single party government. Unfortunately we have not been able to do it last 35 years.

Do you support a separate state for Garos?

Khasis want a Khasi state. Garos want a Garo state. There is no conflict. So Government of India can easily decide. It is a question of time.


High stakes for the SangmasFebruary 23, 2013