With one of the highest man-to-vehicle ratios in the country, especially in capital Shillong, Meghalaya has been witnessing rising incidences of motor accidents, a fact on which the assembly voiced concern today.

Giving a breakup of road accidents in the State over the last four years, Home minister HDR Lyngdoh informed said there were a total of 136 road accidents in 2007, of which 62 were fatal and 74 non-fatal.

The corresponding figures for 2008 was 189, 88 and 101, for 2009 234, 100 and 134 and for 2010 so far, it was 144, 55 and 89.

While 83 persons died in road accident in 2007, the corresponding figures for 2008 were 129, 118 for 2009 and 61 in the current year, so far, the minister said in reply to a query by Opposition legislator James Sangma (NCP).

Asked if use of mobile while driving was banned in the State and if seat belts were in use and whether there were speed limits, the Minister said, “Police department is educating drivers on traffic rules by holding rallies.”

Pointing out that there was no imposition of “lane driving” in Shillong, Mr. Sangma urged the government to bring the State at par with the rest of the country vis-is road safety.

Independent Opposition MLA Manas Chaudhuri suggested introduction of breath analyzers to check rampant incidences of drunken driving.