BJP national secretary Gopinath Munde has hinted at two important members of the Nationalist Congress Party joining his party. This suggestion came after Shivajirao Kardile, defeated NCP candidate in Nagar in the recent the Lok Sabha elections, went over to the BJP on Monday. It was the BJP’s Dilipkumar Gandhi who beat him.

Mr. Munde said the fact that Mr. Kardile had a strong base in 4 Assembly constituencies in Ahmednagar — Karjat Jamkhed, Shrigonda, Sheogaon and Nevasa (now shifted to Shirdi) — would go to the advantage of the Shiv Sena-BJP in the Assembly elections.

Meanwhile, Maharashtra BJP president Nitin Gadkari launched a journal on 26/11, “Satyanash” (Ruin). Alleged corruption in the government, “intelligence failure,” the death of police officers and the breakdown of the security apparatus are some of the issues Mr. Gadkari flagged the Congress-NCP government on.