West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee on Sunday said people would not tolerate attempts by Opposition to obstruct development.

Speaking at a rally at Tamluk in Purbo Medinipur district, he said the Opposition was trying to stall measures aimed at improving the lot of the common man — whether it be the setting up of new industries that would provide more jobs or revising the below-poverty-line (BPL) list for the benefit of greater sections of the economically weak.

“They [the Opposition] are against attending all-party meetings, have been refusing to discuss matters [of development] despite our requests; they are bent on doing whatever they wish. This cannot continue in a democracy. The people of Purbo Medinipur will never allow it,”

Mr. Bhattacharjee said, directing his ire at the Trinamool Congress and reminding it that there was no alternative to discussions if development was to be achieved.

He said the Trinamool Congress was making repeated attempts to incite violence: “We will never bow our heads in the face of the injustices, and atrocities... There is no way we will surrender,” he said.