Stating that the verdict in the Bhopal gas case was pertinent to the future of the Civil Nuclear Liability Bill, Biman Bose, chairman of the West Bengal Left Front Committee, on Wednesday appealed to all elected representatives in the State, irrespective of party affiliation, to oppose the Bill in Parliament.

Without naming any party, Mr. Bose made his appeal to all the elected representatives of Parliament from the State and even invoked the slogan of the Trinamool Congress, “Ma, mati, manush” (the mother, the land and the people) in this regard.

“The Bill is not in the interest of the land, the mothers and sisters and the people of the country,” Mr. Bose said, adding that even today, mothers in Bhopal were giving birth to deformed babies.

“The people of the country are being made victims of foreign imperialist powers,” he said, adding that certain changes suggested by the Left parties to the draft Bill must be made.


Mr. Bose said the Civil Nuclear Liability Bill was significant in the context of the Bhopal gas tragedy, adding that the MPs of the Left parties would campaign in the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha on the way the issue was mishandled and expose Union Carbide.

“The findings of the CBI inquiry were not taken seriously and the verdict of the case has indicted some people, but persons like Mr. [Warren] Anderson have been allowed to go scot free,” he said.

“A tragedy of such massive proportion has been made to appear trivial, which is not right.”